The Team

@erinscafe – DIRECTOR

Erin Faulk

Erin Faulk is an ENTP, and also a Sagittarius. This means that she is super fun, and extroverted far past the point of being healthy. Erin’s misspent youth included an education in International Studies and stints as a telemarketer, waitress, deli clerk, background actor and legal assistant. Being a filmmaker is much better than these things.


Matthew  Sordello is a double Gemini, which means he is exceptionally patient with Erin. He has a BA in Music and a BS in Sound Art, and has worked as a sound editor, freelance photographer, film editor, and actor. He plays the piano, saxophone, and flute, and has a minor in karaoke.

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@giana_banana – PRODUCER 

Giana Mucci is a Virgo with a Leo rising which makes her an awkward mix of cautious introvert & insanely loud extrovert. Giana graduated with honors from USC’s Annenberg School of Communications and has been working since then as everything from a Paramount Page, to PA, to background actor, to photo editor & everything in between. Theater geek at heart, getting to finally make a movie with such a great group of people, is a dream come true. 

@bradfollmer – PRODUCER

Brad Follmer first met Erin Faulk while working at a dead-end job.  When she left for another job, he followed her there, too.  It was only natural that when she started a documentary he would continue to ride her coattails.  You want to know where Brad will be in six months, just look at where Erin is now (minus the bangs).  Prior to being an acolyte of Ms. Faulk, Brad studied film and television at NYU; worked in feature development for Arnold Kopelson, Steven Reuther and Michael Douglas; and assisted Chris Carter on the X-Files, where Mr. Carter selected Cary Elwes to portray Brad on screen.  When not following in Erin’s path, Brad is also a writer, director and Formula 1 driver.

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@JoelGregoire1 – EDITOR

Joel Gregoire has edited and assisted in editing commercials for the Discovery Channel, Adidas and Chelsea Lately.  His extensive background in ultra-low budget, guerrilla filmmaking has led to the police being called to his film sets eight times.  Joel received a grant for winning “Best North Idaho Filmmaker” along with two co-directors at the Lakedance International Film Festival.  His entire end-game in the film business is to direct Emma Watson in a big-budget feature. 

@evansknight – ROADIE

Evans Knight is a  graduate of the University of Southern California with a BA in Anthropology. He is a passionate student of Ottoman history, postcolonial theory, and creole studies, and is equally passionate about languages, so at some point he will probably run out of brain space. When he isn’t coordinating billing at a medical office, he is illegally downloading articles off JSTOR and filling his ears (and the ears of those around him) with obscenely loud Arabic music. Don’t challenge him to Trivial Pursuit, because you will lose.

@AnnaTSchlegel – ROADIE

Anna Schlegel enjoys making things up and putting them onstage, using hot glue guns and self diagnosing exotic diseases through Web MD. She met Erin in college and, for some reason, Erin thought the aforementioned skills would be helpful on the road.  The jury is still out on whether Erin was right.  Anna is Managing Director of 4 Days Late Productions, NFP in Chicago, IL and also works in a cubical at Vibes Media (but that doesn’t sound as fancy).

@hassankhan – ROADIE

Hassan Khan disappointed us by not submitting a bio.  He claims to be living in Pittsburgh, working on a PhD in something we don’t understand.