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Riffing on Writing #1 – Erin Faulk, Follow Friday The Film

by Jason in Riffing on Writing Podcast

It’s here, it’s finally here! The very first episode of Riffing on Writing, a weekly podcast hosted by yours truly. In this first episode, I talk with Erin Faulk who is currently traveling from Los Angeles across the country, filming an independent documentary on the cultural phenomenon of Twitter. It’s a fascinating story about the power of social, crowdfunding via KickStarter, and what happens when circumstance and passion drives a really good idea.

Erin and crew are embarking on an 8,000 mile trip interviewing people that they have connected with on Twitter. The really cool part? They’re driving around in a car donated to the project by Audi – a real testament to the power of social listening. Audi is clearly a brand that gets it.

The end of the interview was a bit garbled and I had to do some editing to salvage it. When I talked to Erin, the team was driving headlong into a thunderstorm in Mississippi. Southern thunderstorms in the heat of summer are no joke.

She’ll be coming through York next week to do some interviews and I’m right stoked to meet her in person and snag a follow-up interview for a future episode.

Want to follow along about the progress of the film? You can check out the latest at Follow Friday: The Film or follow the official Twitter account.

If there’s enough interest and need, I’ll use a transcription service in future episodes.

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