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The team is up to our ears in what’s called pre-production, or that time before you start shooting a film in which you have constant meetings. Meetings about meetings, even. A few days ago, I made a list of all the lists we needed to make. It was a long list.

It takes a lot of work to put together a shooting schedule. And it takes a lot of work to plan a road trip. When you do both of those things at once…well, it gets crazy. Items on the lists: Form an LLC, open the company bank account, create a spreadsheet, sign some paperwork, research filming requirements state by state, apply for filming permits where required, rent a car (or find someone to help with that?), create a spreadsheet, create a daily itinerary for 38 days, arrange 30-40 radio and television appearances, buy sound equipment, train crew on sound equipment, schedule interviews, create a spreadsheet, get release forms signed, call Dad for Father’s Day, find businesses to donate space for tweet-ups, answer emails from newspapers, create a spreadsheet…you get the idea. Also, we have to squeeze in eating, and a very small amount of sleeping, and some tweeting.

Some meetings are more productive than others. In addition to the items on the list above, tonight we discussed Justin Bieber’s new album, The Bachelorette, towing laws in Washington, DC, tacos, Wheat Thins, tattoos, dogs, AT&T, my mom, Hassan’s mom, Anne’s mom, donkeys, and pants. I know. I KNOW. We may have to start banning Twitter from the production meetings.

The good news is this: Every night* when when we fall into bed, exhausted, mind racing, it feels like Christmas Eve. In a week, we’re in production. Christmas morning. That’s when the real fun starts. As Brad said tonight after the meeting, “This is fun.” **

*by night, I mean 4am

**the last three words of this post were written on an entirely different laptop because my laptop battery died and I left my power cord at the meeting and I need more sleep or more caffeine or more something