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07/07/2012 06:29 PM

Documentary film crew focusing on social media travels across NC

By: News 14 Carolina Staff

CHARLOTTE—A documentary film crew is making its way across North Carolina looking at the power of social media.

Follow Friday the Film is looking into relationships developed on Twitter. It started when the director read an article that said 72-percent of Americans trust the recommendations of a stranger online, as much as they trust a personal friend. Therefore for 28 days, she is traveling the country to meet 140 people she follows on twitter, whom she has never met in person, to find out what they are really like.

“Those people that you are making friends with online, there has been a little bit of a stigma attached to it. That they are, you say, ‘Oh, my friend said this.’ As opposed to, ‘Someone on Twitter said this.’ But it’s okay, they’re people. They’re people out there and you get along with them. You’re friends with them because they’re good people,” said director Erin Faulk.

A rough cut of the documentary will be finished in September to submit to film festivals.

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