Fueled by Fresh

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Fueled by Fresh

By now, most of you have heard the exciting news that Audi has given us a car. What you probably don’t know is that by sponsoring Follow Friday the Film, they’re in good company (Yes, that was a pun about companies. I’m sorry, I’m not sleeping much lately.)

During our 30-day Kickstarter fundraising, we were fortunate enough to be backed by some incredible fresh food companies – and we couldn’t be more excited! Just like many of you, they donated through the Kickstarter site when our film was just an idea. Now, they’re going above and beyond, and providing us with fresh food and support along the way as well! May I introduce to you…our Fresh Food Friends!

California Giant (@californiagiant): Based in Watsonville, CA, this family-owned operation provides the freshest berries around! My household is already well-acquainted with Giant strawberries. Both my parents grew up in Southern California, enjoying local berries, and my mom has already promised to make a fresh strawberry pie when we roll into town. I’m looking forward to berries on the road, and seeing the great people at California Giant when we get to Watsonville!

Duda Farm Fresh Foods (@dandy_fresh): Another family-owned operation, Duda has been growing since 1909. They produce celery, lettuce and citrus that is available in stores under the brand Dandy. While they have locations in a number of states across the US, we’ll be visiting them in California, near the end of our trip. Along the way, I’m looking forward to some delicious summer salads and, fingers crossed, tons of clementines!

Klondike Brands (@KlondikePotato): Klondike Brand potatoes are grown throughout Idaho and Washington – which just so happens to be where I’m from. (And as much as I love Idaho, we all know the best potatoes come from Washington. #shotsfired) We’ll be driving through Klondike Brand’s neck of the woods, but we’re most excited to meet up with them in Waukesha, Wisconsin on their Johnny’s Be Good Tour in July.

Mann Packing: (@VeggiesMadeEasy): Also family-run, Mann’s distributes fresh vegetables under a variety of brand names (including Broccoli Wokly, which is the most fun thing to say ever). A lot of you know I don’t eat meat, so fresh veggies are a must for me on the road trip. We’re going to stop in and say hi when we get to the Salinas Valley in early August!

Additionally, huge thanks to Crunch Pak (@CrunchPak), Moonlit Farms (@MoonlitFarms), Gills Onions (@GillsOnions), Mastronardi/SUNSET Produce (@sunsetproduce), Onion Crunch (@onioncrunch), Stemilt Growers (@Stemilt), and the Core Blog (@TheCoreBlog) for their support. You’ll be hearing more about their support and the delicious food they’re providing us along the way!

I want to emphasize the fact that these companies don’t have any sort of contract with us. They donated money when we needed it, are providing support along the way, and are cheering us on via Twitter and Facebook. It’s a huge relief to know that they have our backs, without having to compromise our vision or integrity. When you hear us raving about their food, it’s just that: us raving about their food. And it’s going to happen a lot, because fresh is where it’s at.