#FF the Team

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#FF the Team

Whether or not we’re ready (and we aren’t), the road trip begins tomorrow.

@Audi and team delivered Maeby (the official Follow Friday the Film name for our generously loaned A3 TDI) this morning, and since then we’ve been busy gossiping about everyone on Twitter. Er, I mean, packing.

Before we take off, we wanted to introduce the whole team. Follow Friday the Film has come together incredibly quickly thanks in large part to the awesome group working on it all hours of the day.


Erin Faulk, Director, @erinscafe: the over-caffeinated brains behind the operation. Erin is usually on Twitter when she should be crossing items off her to-do list and is most notorious for not leaving room for the Holy Spirit at high school dances.

Matthew Sordello, Cinematographer, @msordello: the perfectionist (“If the file doesn’t exist in at least three places, then it doesn’t exist.”), camera operator, sound designer and musician extraordinaire. He sometimes forgets to sleep; he’s never been on a road trip.

Hassan Khan, Production Assistant, @HassanKhan: the sound guy who doesn’t actually know anything about sound (true story). Previously worked as an engineer at a solar startup and off to grad school in the fall; we invited him along because who wouldn’t want to spend a few weeks in a car with some strangers from the internet? We’ve made him promise to wear pants.

Evans Knight, Production Assistant, @evansknight: the production coordinator (read OCD paperwork guy) who loves the NYT Crossword, and all things Ottoman. He packs light, Tumblrs a lot (is that a verb?), and is the only person in the car who has seen a Tyler Perry movie.

Anna Schlegel, Production Assistant, @AnnaTSchlegel: the sound girl who picks up where Hassan leaves off. She recently played Snooki in Jersey Shore: The Musical, and has lots of tips for really absurd-looking fake tan products.

Maeby, #FFMobile, @Audi: our head-turning Ice Silver Metallic 2012 A3 TDI. We’re very thankful to @Audi and everyone at their social team for letting us borrow her. She’s the perfect car for a road trip with a comfortable leather interior and a gas saving 42 miles per gallon (trust us, that is huge). And did we mention how pretty she is? We’re seriously enamored.

The Brains at Home

Brad Follmer, Producer, @BradFollmer: Often mistaken for an FBI agent by the same name, he’s a writer with a serious addiction to pizza and milkshakes. (His doctor noted this in his chart at his last physical.) He is often joking, but you really can’t be sure, so don’t mess with him.

Giana Mucci, Producer, @giana_banana: the photo editor who never lets you look fat/hungover/fugly, she has the best dog in the world and only orders wine at Barney’s (baller). She’s outgoing, hilarious, and has a slight obsession with John Stamos.

Anne Spilman, @spilmaam: the amazing person who offered to help us organize Kickstarter rewards for our 260 backers. It’s pretty much a full-time job. She also is a two-time half-marathon finisher, one-time iPhone in the sting ray pool at Sea World dropper.

So that’s us! We can’t wait to meet you.

One last thing! If you’re still interested in donating to the film (and we are definitely interested in you donating to the film), you can donate directly to us through PayPal OR by buying us a Starbucks e-card to keep us fueled along the way. Please send the e-card to directmessage@followfridaythefilm.com  

Thanks again – we’re going to try to get some sleep now.