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We said goodbye to Dot and Charlie and headed south to Baton Rouge to meet up with Philip Dunham (@pcdunham), who knows a whole lot about the energy sector. I can’t really call him out on anything since I know nothing about the energy sector. But he seems legit.  It was a great interview, made even better when Philip’s brother and father dropped by unexpectedly. Which obviously led to me trying to convince his dad to join Twitter. I know, I know. I am the worst. But I’d totally follow him. Jasmine was kind enough to take us to LSU campus to see Mike the Tiger (@LSUmiketiger). Mike sleeps for 20 hours a day and has a really swank habitat with his own pool. Living the dream.

At lunch I decided to try some alligator, after deciding reptiles don’t count as meat. You’ll be disappointed to know alligator is no longer served at The Chimes. Such a shame. Someday.

After saying goodbye to Philip, we headed into New Orleans. And yes, it’s everything I wanted it to be. We met up with Brad, one of our producers, who flew out to visit his dad and help us out for the day. (Big thanks to Barry for letting us take over his house. We appreciated it!)

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur. If I recall correctly, it involved a tarot reading and etouffee and hanging out with @Ilsaontherocks again and daiquiris and who dat and the electric slide and the worst shoe polish ever and booty shorts and $10 haircuts. I think. All I know for sure is that my hair and Hassan are both gone. Hassan flew home this morning and will be back on Thursday. My hair will be back in 18-20 months. C’est la vie.

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