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I love this place. Day Five was Dallas/Fort Worth. We rolled into town in the afternoon, and met up with the folks from DMA Solutions (@thecoreblog). We LOVE these guys. Not only did they introduce us to a lot of our awesome backers in the fresh food industry, they also are dedicated to bringing salad bars to public schools in Texas and across the United States. Check it out here:

We met with the DMA team Dan’l (@whynotfresh), Brock (@brocknemecek), Molly (@MollyMcGrath12) and Mackenzie (@untmmichel), who had cold beer and AMAZING food waiting for us. Our backers sent us an insane amount of delicious fruits and veggies. We had cucumber dip and tomatoes and peppers and snap peas and cherries and strawberries and celery and watermelon and Citrines and SERIOUSLY. We were blown away. And we ate a lot. Driving 2,400 miles is hard work – we earned it. I can’t wait to introduce you guys to these growers as we travel across the country. They all have amazing stories, and are excited about the film – and there’s a rumor I might get to ride on a tractor. Stay tuned. In the meantime, we can’t thank them enough for the support, and for the delicious fuel for our trip! (I’m keeping all the Citrines for myself – everyone in the car will have to fight me for them.)

For dinner, Dan’l and the crew took us to Tim Love’s Love Shack in the Fort Worth Stockyards, where we met up with Clara (@ohjustclara), educator extraordinaire and #dailydonkey’s biggest fan. Here are just some of the reasons I love Clara: 1) She is passionate about education and social media 2) She is tiny and bubbly 3) She has a beautiful son who told me goodbye when he first met me 4) She gives great #ff recommendations and 5) SHE AND I HAVE THE SAME iPHONE CASE. And it’s an awesome case. Also, I have to say a big thank you to Clara and her husband – they bought us a tank of gas. Maeby and the crew thank you.

We ended the evening in Justin, TX at The Mule Barn Bar and Grill, where we heard The Aaron Sandoval Band (@aaronsandoval00) play. The music was great, the drinks were cold, and we got to talk to both Aaron and Zac (@zcryer), the bass player who runs the band’s Twitter account. They’re just figuring out the whole Twitter scene, but I’m guessing things are going to get crazy when their new album comes out. (By the way, their album is going to be awesome. Check them out at

It was a good day. Thanks, Dallas/Fort Worth. My only regret is that I didn’t have time to buy a pair of boots.

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