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We were planning on getting into Austin around 9 or 10 am on Day Four. We got in at 1pm. This had a lot to do with the Grand Canyon being a complete zoo, me being bad at math, time zones being a thing, and…I don’t really know.  Maybe an alien abduction? I have no idea. But it took us forever.

We headed to Congress Ave. to meet up with some tweeps at Guero’s Taco Bar (@guerostacobar). We talked to Ryan Criswell (@sayyesAustin), who says yes to pretty much anything, then blogs about it at . Seriously. She’s gone to a wizard party, danced in a rap video, dyed her hair pink, and gotten jiggy-crunk in the middle of a movie theater.  Check out her blog and give her some recommendations! (She can mark being in the best documentary ever off her list.)

We also talked to Mary (@marysayz) and Melanie Schaffrath (@MelSchaff). The mother/daughter duo are both on Twitter. As you know, my mother being on Twitter is my worst nightmare, so I found this conversation fascinating.  Mary might be the most quotable person I’ve ever met. Regarding the spelling of her Twitter handle (@MarySayz): “Whenever you see a Z instead of an S, you know it’s going to be funny.” Obvs.

We spent the day hanging out with @Ilsaontherocks (who drove for 3 hours to hang out – thanks!), Anna-Marie (@amhearn) and @radarst. We hit up the food trucks on S Congress Ave, then waited on the Congress Avenue bridge for the flight of the Congress Bridge Bats. Around dusk, about 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats take off from under the bridge. It’s impressive, or so I’ve heard. We waited an hour and a half and only saw a few. While we were waiting, we met Juan (@juaners80) from KXAN news, and did a quick interview on the bridge. It helped ease the feeling of disappointment that came with the bats’ failure to launch.

Major thanks to everyone in Austin, especially to @Ilsaontherocks for the NSFD (not safe for the documentary) conversation, and for Anna-Marie for organizing our locations and giving us a care package that included the Times crossword.  I was having withdrawals.

Next up: DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth)

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