DAY 27

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DAY 27

We got up early to be at Mount Rushmore right at 8am. The weather cooperated, and we got some gorgeous footage and photographs. I also took a photo for a family of ten. And by a photo, I mean like 12 photos, because I am bad at using cameras. Sorry, family of ten.

We headed to Crazy Horse, which is supposed to be an enormous sculpture of Crazy Horse on a crazy horse, but is currently just a face. The sculptors started work on the monument in 1948. At this rate, it should be finished in about 450 years. I can only assume the delay is due to funding issues. Perhaps a Kickstarter is in order?

As we headed south, we stopped by the office of Band Wagon magazine, a hyper-local monthly publication in Greeley, CO. In a bizarre twist of events, Austin interviewed ME. I was a little nervous. I apologize to all of you for putting you in this position. I then interviewed Austin. Interviews all around!

We then enjoyed a gorgeous drive to Glendale, CO to the home of @robertecrump, self-proclaimed Mayor of Glendale, CO. Robert and I have a long history of feuding on Twitter. I am the self-proclaimed Mayor of Glendale, CA, obviously the greater Glendale. Robert is confused, and thinks his Glendale is superior. Our trip to Glendale, CO was essentially a summit of the Glendales, in which we buried the hatchet. I believe we bonded mainly over mutual loathing of Glendale, AZ. Those guys are super pretentious.

Btw, Robert thinks I’m taller in person. And he says we’re definitely in the top three documentary film crews that have slept on his couches. Thanks, Bobby! You’re one of my favorites.