DAY 25

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DAY 25

We woke up in Chicago, and learned about the Aurora theatre shooting from Twitter.

I’m not good at talking about tragedy. I don’t feel like I have anything to add to the conversation. But I think we all have a need to connect with one another when something like this happens. I think that’s why we gather to leave flowers and mourn at the sites where terrible things happen. Why thousands of people showed up to hear President Obama speak in Aurora. And why we go straight to Twitter when our world is turned upside-down. Not just for the news, but to gather and connect with each other in a personal way that’s no less real for being virtual.

I want thank everyone who shared news about Aurora. Every time something horrific happens, you get a group of people that label all reporters as vultures, and anyone talking about that tragedy sick and opportunistic. But these are the times I’m most grateful for the reporters and bloggers I follow on Twitter. You reported the news respectfully and instantaneously; you shared important emergency information for local residents; you acted with compassion and, most importantly, you helped us all process what was happening. I may not have had anything to say, but I was listening.

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