DAY 24

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DAY 24

Chicago. LOVE this town. We met up with @dansinker in Evanston in the morning, prior to his dentist appointment (thanks for fitting us in – hope your teeth are well). Dan is a bit of a Twitter celebrity. In 2010 to 2011, he secretly penned the parody account of Rahm Emanuel, @MayorEmanuel, during his bid for Mayor of Chicago. From his first tweet (f*** you right in your f***ing face-hole), it was clear that Dan’s story would be irreverent, immediate, and irresistible. With a cast of characters that included David Axelrod, Carl the intern, and a duck named Quaxelrod, it is still, IMHO, the best use of Twitter as a long-form storytelling platform. Dan’s interview was one of my favorites so far.

Our next stop was Nielsen Perishables Group to pick up an AMAZING care package from our fresh food backers. They hooked us up. We left with cherries, apple slices, veggie snack-packs, sweet peppers, tomatoes, broccoli wokly, coleslaw, celery, and some t-shirts (just in time – we were out of clean clothes). I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to get food on the road. We’re constantly rushed, and it would be easy to get stuck with fast food. Not only have our backers given us fresh food, they’ve also given us road trip friendly snacks, like the snacks from Crunch Pak and Mann’s. Big thanks to Dandy Fresh and Stemilt as well – we’re eating like kings!

We spent the afternoon in Millennium Park, where I learned of a thing called the bean, which everyone knew about except for me. We were also confronted by multiple security guards on Segways, asking us what we were doing. Pro-tip: if you confidently and respectfully explain that you obtained permission to film in advance, most people have no way of verifying the validity of this information. Make sure to thank the authority figure for graciously allowing you to be there, and you’re in. We met, and loved, the following people: @iamenidcoleslaw, @joshs, @jkrinn, @mcgregormt and @lauraolin. One of my greatest regrets of the trip thus far is that we spent so long chatting with Matthew that we ran out of time for Laura. She had to get back to important things at her important job. I’m a huge fan, Laura, and I’ll see you on the Twitters.

That evening, we had an amazing tweetup at Wow Bao. I cannot say enough good things about Wow Bao. Geoff Alexander of @baomouth was an incredible host – not only did he keep the restaurant open late for us, he made us all free bao. I’d never had these delicious steamed buns before, and now they haunt my dreams. Seriously. The edamame wheat bao…I want to go back and have more right now please. We spent the evening drinking and laughing (lots of laughing) with @joshs, @DHLasker, @misskaz, @forensicgarlic, @chigrl, @Miss_Dani, @Jamila203, @RamonatheBrave7, @c_dylanplummer, and @bush363. I have to tell you: my love for Jamila and Ramona has grown exponentially after drinking with them. May you all be so lucky as to experience this.

Thanks for the crazy day, Chicago. You’re a class act. I’ll be back.