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I’m told this is Day Two. It feels a lot like day one; very little sleep, and I got beat up a bit. I blame the lack of sleep on Vegas, and also @mcgregormt, who asked me to livetweet the Prime Minister’s Questions at 4 am this morning on C-SPAN2. As far as I could tell (mind you I was sleep-deprived), this weekly event consists of the Prime Minister getting sassy, while the people across the aisle yell at him about everything that’s wrong with the UK. I learned a lot in 30 minutes. I will now share this knowledge with you:

Things I Learned by Livetweeting the Prime Minister’s Questions at an Ungodly Hour:

1. Lords Reform refers to efforts over the past 100 years to change the make-up of the House of Lords. As it turns out, these people are not elected. I guess they know people, or are born into the right family, or have a lot of money. It seems to me that’s the same way people get elected in the US, so I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

2. It’s okay to yell and boo in UK politics. This obviously makes it way more fun than American politics, except when Romney’s bus circles Obama events and honks the horn. That’s always a good time.

3. Knife crime is a thing. Like, a huge thing. This is what happens when you don’t let people have guns. Can’t we all just get along?

4. There is a place called Goonhilly Downs. In my mind, this is Tim Burton’s version of Downton Abbey.

5. Yelling “order” does nothing to create any type of order. Everyone keeps yelling and talking. And standing up. And then yelling some more. It seems chaotic, but also cathartic. Imagine if we all could have yelled at Bush for a bit? Americans LOVE to yell at people. I don’t understand why we haven’t already started this practice. I propose we start a weekly President’s Questions. And maybe Vice President’s Questions, because Biden probably has some things to say.

As for getting beat up, I have to thank the gang at Throwdown Training Center (@ThrowdownTC) for graciously inviting us to their workout, then cutting off my circulation and airways. John Wood (@bigwood13) , owner and trainer, let me sit in on their daily training session. I spent time with Colleen Schneider (@colleenfights) and Amanda Lucas (@amandalucasMMA) learning some grappling moves. (See above photographic evidence.) I spoke with them and Kawika Lagasca (@yayoulikethat) about MMA and Twitter. Also about health insurance, cheeseburgers, hair-pulling, torn biceps and John’s badass clothing line (@syndicateww)

I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t tell you everything that happened. But rest assured my biceps are intact and blood/oxygen flow to my head has been restored. And I might really want to take some MMA classes when I get back to LA. If this movie thing doesn’t work out, that’s plan B.

Tomorrow we drive to Austin. When I say tomorrow, I mean we will be in the car for 24 straight hours. I’m not sure when we’ll have reception, but feel free to tweet us. I’ll probably drive the last leg, so I’ll have about 18 hours to kill.

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