DAY 12

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DAY 12

I think we’re hitting our stride, you guys. When Matt comes back, we’re going to have this down to a science. It helps that Hassan, our engineer, doesn’t let us help pack the car anymore. (He has a system and we would just mess it up.)

We left Greenville and headed north. In Charlotte, we stopped at a local park to meet up with McKinsey (@McKinseyHarris) from News 14 and Sam Spencer (@choosesam), President of Young Democrats of North Carolina. We talked about the Democratic National Convention, and Sam’s first campaign at the age of 20. We also talked to him about which conservatives he follows on Twitter.

Next stop was Cattawba College in Salisbury, where we met with Dr. Michael Bitzer (@cattawbapolitics), professor of Political Science and avid bowtie wearer. Doc (@wccubbison said I could call him that) gave one of our best interviews yet on social media and the American political process. I kid you not, I was ready to enroll just so I could take his classes. He even taught us how to tie a bowtie.

A little further down the road, we stopped into Cooper’s Barbecue in Raleigh for some dinner with Will Cubbison (@wccubbison). Will gave us a tour of downtown Raleigh, which was beautiful. And hot. (This seems to be a theme this summer. Who thought it was a good idea to film in July?)

In the middle of all this, we got to see the amazing power of Twitter. Thanks to a little help from our Twitter friends, who offered en masse to donate money to charity if Mayor Cory Booker would agree to an interview, we finally got a response from the Mayor. Not only would he do an interview with us, but he would match any charitable donations made in support of this cause. Which led to complete, glorious Twitter chaos. After the Mayor’s matching donation, we will have raised over $17,000 for @uncommonschools, a nonprofit organization that runs charter schools for low-income students in urban areas.

You can see the storify of how it played out on Twitter here:

In a crazy coincidence, the tweeter for Uncommon schools happened to be near where we were staying in Durham. Steven (@stuttero) and his friends Mike (@realmrobson) and Christian (@ctardieu16) joined us for a tweet-up at The Federal, along with Subu (@randomsubu) and @wccubbison. In another bizarre coincidence, we found out that Subu attended the same graduate program Hassan is starting in the Fall. Pretty much everything that happened all day blew my mind.

Oh, yeah. And I accidentally ate some bacon.

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