DAY 11

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DAY 11

Atlanta to Greenville, SC is a short drive, so we stopped for breakfast in Jefferson at my friend Leah’s house. Leah made an incredible breakfast (thank you!), and we got to spend some time talking politics and biscuits and children. Leah has four children. FOUR. She is essentially a superhero. Robert drew us pictures and latched himself on to Hassan. Richard avoided us, but occasionally shot us a suspicious look. Elizabeth ignored us. And Susan threw a chicken at Evans. It was the most fun breakfast ever.

When we got to Greenville, we went straight to Relentless Tattoo to meet up with Rex Barnes. Rex designed the tattoo on my right arm that I got in 2008. It’s a lamppost with a street sign that reads Swall, for a street in Beverly Hills that’s named after my grandfather’s family. (They farmed the area before it was developed.) I love that tattoo, and I’ve always said I should go back to him to get another. This seemed like a perfect excuse.

I asked Twitter for some recommendations. Here is what you said:

–          Twitter Bird

–          @

–          #

–          #ff

–          Twitter Bird with #ff inside a camera outline

–          Jesus Raptor holding a can of PBR

–          #drunj

–          Yolo

–          Flava Flav’s clock as a neck tattoo

–          Audi rings

–          Audi rings as a tramp stamp

–          Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor

The last one was tempting, but I went with the hashtag. Mostly so that @benhjacobs and I can play tic tac toe when I get to NYC. Rex did a fantastic job. If you’re in upstate South Carolina, Relentless is the best place to get a tattoo. Honestly, if you’re in California, it’s still the best place. Get a plane ticket. When the art is permanent, you really don’t want to take any chances.

We also headed over to the Warehouse Theatre in downtown Greenville to meet @AaronvonFrank and @BitTyrant. They own a marketing company in Greenville, and occasionally take social media vacations, during which they take a step back from Twitter and Facebook, and spend time reconnecting and focusing on in-person communication and relationships. They wrote a blog about their most recent experience., which you can read here:

I like to think of this trip as a social media vacation as well, but the opposite kind. Where I indulge in as much social media as I want for weeks on end. I’m sorry – you guys will probably get a  little tired of me.

Also, Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was getting another tattoo. Surprise!

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