DAY 10

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DAY 10

According to @abba_ks, most people from Atlanta hate it when people call it Hotlanta. But even she had to agree.

 It was really really hot.

We dropped Matt off at the airport first thing. He had to fly back to LA to be the Best Man in a wedding. (Please come back soon, we are really slow at setting up the equipment on our own. Also, a refrigerated truck was idling near us during the whole interview so the sound might be kind of meh, but the good news is that he was towed right as we were leaving. That doesn’t help with the sound, but it made me feel better.) Hassan was still flying back from the wedding he went to in San Francisco. So Evans and I were on our own. We headed to Decatur to meet up with @hipstergardener, @abba_ks, and @dukestjournal.

You should follow all of them.

Things We Discussed:

– You don’t actually need Miracle-Gro to grow vegetables.

– Celery is really really hard to grow yourself. (Best left to the experts at @dandy_fresh)

– A friend who found out via Instagram that her boyfriend was cheating on her. I asked “Which filter?”

– Nobody likes Chris Brown; #teambreezy might be entirely fictional.

– Long-distance relationships (see you in 3 weeks, @adamcritchlow).

We also discussed all of you. It never ceases to amaze me how connected we really are. I can sit and talk for hours about and with the people who use Twitter. It’s like hanging out with my friends in high school. Except I hope I’m a better person now. There are circles and cliques and groups and they overlap and intersect. But we’re all at the same school. This time we have the chance to be a lot kinder and a little bit smarter.

In the evening we met up with some tweeps at Church (aka Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium.) It’s a bar that you have to check out if you go to Atlanta. There’s ping pong upstairs, and religious art (with some…modifications) everywhere, and they serve you goldfish with your drinks. We met @laratsmith (who I may have met before but neither of us can remember) and @Carl, who has been on Twitter long enough to have the name @Carl. We had a blast.

Many thanks again to everyone we met, and especially @kathleenicanrah and Jon for housing us and feeding us. We loved Atlanta, and we wish you all the best of luck with the temperature. Remember, it’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.

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