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Before we left Dallas, we went out to brunch with Brock and Mackenzie from DMA Solutions, and they brought some friends. I’m so sorry that you guys haven’t had the opportunity to have breakfast tacos and Coors Lights with @traylorparker and @funnyinmyhead. You’re missing out. (Btw, in case you’re wondering, Traylor Parker is as white trash as he claims to be. He had 5 Coors Lights during brunch. Two simultaneously. And then called me out as white trash for my car’s broken side mirror and my love of Enchilada Hamburger Helper. He’s not wrong.)

Both Traylor Parker and Funny in My Head are ridiculously funny comedians, who use Twitter as a platform for sharing their humor. Twitter is an amazing tool for comedy. If brevity is the soul of wit, then 140 characters is the perfect way to deliver a punchline. If it takes more than that, you’re doing it wrong.

We conducted our interviews in a cemetery, where a guy named Moses gave us permission to make ourselves at home. It is unclear if Moses had any actual authority, but he lives in the cemetery in a sleeping bag, so that’s about as official as it gets.  He also invited us to church, but we didn’t really have time. Thanks anyway, Moses!

From Dallas, we headed over to Shreveport to see Charlie and Dot (@DotKnight1), Evans’ grandparents. I cannot say enough about how much I love them. Dot wanted to hear all about the film, and Twitter, and our backers. Since she’s been following the blog, Evans went ahead and got her set up on Twitter, too. You should totally follow her – just know that she is not interested in receiving emails from gentleman callers.  Also, we had to explain pornbots to her, and it was kind of awkward. Thanks for the southern hospitality, Dot – we’ll see you on Twitter!

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